Councillor Swap at Kings International College

Councillor Colin Dougan attended Kings International College as part of Surrey Heath Youth Council's Councillor Swap project.

Councillor Dougan was able to get a feeling for everyday school life by attending two lessons with King's Head Student before attending a lunch with the Student Leadership Team.

We hope to bring more Borough Councillors into local schools to promote politics and ensure that young people are inspired to engage more with local representatives on the issues that matter to them.

Surrey Young Mayor

Surrey Heath Youth Council are proud to share that our Co-Chair Jacob Wrenn has been elected the first ever Surrey Young Mayor.

Jacob said "I am immensely proud to have been elected the first ever Young Mayor of Surrey. This is an extremely prestigious role that serves as a representative of youth voice and champions young people’s role in democracy. I look forward to taking on this position and working with young people to improve youth services across Surrey."

This comes in addition to Jacob and youth council member Dylan's work with the Surrey Youth Cabinet, demonstrating how SHYC members take an active role in the wider community.

Meeting with Cllr Rodney Bates

On Thursday 15th, we met with Cllr Rodney to discuss our upcoming age discrimination project - councillor swap! The project aims to bring together local young people and their borough councillors so our youth feel more comfortable in using their voice.

Meanwhile, the disability group worked on preparing their series of video interviews to challenge disability discrimination.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We are still working on our discrimination project, and it is shaping out well. Our first meeting back will be on 25th April. 
We are sad to say that a few of the youth councillors will be unable to attend to the meetings due to GCSE’s and revising for them. If you would like to join, fill out our application form here or email us here!
Thank you all and enjoy your Easter! SHYC

New Co-Chairs

We would like to take a moment to welcome our new chairs! Firstly a big thank you to our previous chairs Jacob and Ryan who have helped the Youth Council immensely over the past year, in terms of streamlining, leadership and diversity. Both chairs have made the Youth Council more notable and more efficient and we are sad to see Ryan go. We are happy to welcome a new co-chair Millicent (middle) who has been a councillor for 3 years and now has the chance to lead and bring new ideas alongside Jacob who is staying on as a chair.

Meeting Update

Today, we split into our two discrimination groups, age discrimination and disability discrimination.
Age Discrimination
Today, we discussed the different ways we could campaign against this discrimination and came up with a rough manifesto.
Disability Discrimination
Today, we discussed what to do. We came up with campaign videos where we would like to ask the youth with a disability.If you think you fit this, please email us at for further details. At the end of the project, we would like to present to all of the councillors.

Discrimination Project

The Surrey Heath Youth Council are continuing their manifesto commitments by starting a new project to tackle discrimination. At first, we are aiming to focus on discrimination brought about by a lack of awareness and are looking at disabilities and age. We hope to challenge discrimination around disabilities by raising awareness and educating other young people, while in our age project we hope to challenge underrepresentation of young people by getting them more involved with local decision makers such as their borough councillors.
Disability Project The Surrey Heath Youth Council has always strived for every young person’s voice to be heard but it is undeniable that within our local communities there are young people who still can't express their opinion or are not understood by their peers. This needs to change. Our project focuses on what can't always be seen and aims to allow those with a disability to speak out and change the negative thoughts of others. By increasing …

Youth Conference: Curriculum for Life

We had a brilliant time today running SHYC’s first ever Youth Conference on Curriculum for Life. It was amazing to hear all the positive feedback and very inspiring to hear from our wide range of speakers including HireHigher, Royal Holloway, Camberley and District Job Club, University of Surrey and more.
Thank you so much to Gordon’s School, all our speakers, Camfest, and of course the #iwill fund for making events like this a possibility. We hope to see other boroughs following in our footsteps and inspiring their young people to start reaching out for opportunities in life.
If you are interested in seeing what went on at the event, check out our YouTube channel for some clips taken from the livestream.

Youth Conference: Curriculum for Life

Our recent consultation of Surrey Heath young people found that they wanted better preparation for life after school. We have created this event to inform young people in Surrey Heath about the different paths they can take, such as studying at university and apprenticeships; how to be more employable; and how to look after your wellbeing at the same time.

The event is designed to be accessible for all young people interested in the topic.

The event will run from 1:30pm - 4:30pm on 22nd January.

Watch live here, or on YouTube (!

Confirmed Speakers/Workshops:

University of Surrey:What is life like at university? Sharing the experience of students.

HireHigher:Workshop on transferable skills and what makes a good CV.

Royal Holloway:What are the links between higher education and work?

Patrick Kinsella:How he created his business and how you can do the same.

Murray Rowlands:Alternative avenues into work and how to know what opportunities suit you.

Amanda Webster Ro…

Our 2018/19 Manifesto

Our 2017 consultation provided us with valuable insight into the opinions, views and concerns of young people in Surrey Heath. We found that the five issues young people felt most passionately about were:
Curriculum to prepare us for lifeBullyingCost of livingSafety at nightDiscrimination Over the next two years we are attempting to tackle these issues -  starting with our Preparing for Working Life project which aims to give young people: skills for life (including CV writing, cooking and money management); knowledge of how to improve personal wellbeing; and insight into further education and apprenticeships.

You can download our full manifesto for 2018/2019 here which details what the five issues encompass.

Follow us on social media for updates and to join in on the discussion.

Youth Ambassador of the Year Award

Isa Chaudrey a member of the Surrey Heath Youth Council aged 15 said:
Craig Alford attended the Surrey Heath Youth Council meeting to raise awareness of Surrey Youth games. I was interested in how Craig was expressing his opinion about fitness and the well being of individuals. In addition to this I decided to volunteer to promote the Surrey Youth Games in my school as I believed it would have a substantial affect on the lives of young people. I shared flyers with students in my school, I approached students at my school and told them about the Surrey Youth Games and encouraged them to join in and participate. I know one of my peers attended the boxing sessions as well.

Dylan Wright, who won the award was quoted saying “ I am very grateful at receiving this award, and I want to thank the Youth Council especially Alexandria who helped me spread the word of the wonderful youth games!” “At my school me and Alexandria held a presentation on the youth games at Collingwood College”

Recruiting new people!

Hello everyone, thank you for reading our blog. We are more than excited to start the term but, due to GCSE’s we have lost a few members due to revision. So that means the time has come again to recruit new members to join our team of young people here at the Surrey Heath Youth Council. We are recruiting young people aged 11-18 from all schools across Surrey Heath but are trying to gain a wider representation from schools such as Tomlinscote, Gordon’s, Kings, Carlwarden, Collingwood and Farnborough Hill to improve our links with these schools.
If you are interested in joining simply fill out our application form or read more about joining the SHYC here.

Further Education Information

We have been focusing on Education within our Preparing for Working Life Project and have researched, compiled and published information for the easy access of young people. The information includes CV Writing, Further Education - such as Apprenticeships as well as Exam Stress and Revision. This is so that the young people of Surrey Heath have knowledge of the different types of opportunities accessible to them. Make sure to check it out at: Further Education Information!

Diana Award

The Surrey Heath Youth Council are immensely proud to have received a Diana Award for their work to reduce the stigma around mental health, open up discussion and increase awareness of mental wellbeing in Surrey Heath through their Anti-Stigma Conference. Members of SHYC went to London to receive the award and were inspired by the experience of seeing so many other young people with outstanding achievements. The full list of 2018's Diana Award holders can be found here. This has motivated us to continue working even harder on our current project after summer to ensure that we can get the biggest impact possible and benefit the young people we represent in the most powerful way.

Join the Surrey Heath Youth Council

The Surrey Heath Youth Council is recruiting! Join the SHYC to stand up for your opinions and improve Surrey Heath for all young people.

Anyone aged 11-18 (school years 7-13) who lives or goes to school in Surrey Heath can apply to join the SHYC. The Youth Council needs people with all sorts of skills such as organising, fund-raising, IT, web, graphics and design, video, running meetings and presenting. It’s also a great way to learn some of these skills. SHYC is committed to achieving equality and fairness. We welcome applications from all sections of the community, particularly from underrepresented groups.

Joining the SHYC gives you an opportunity to share your views and make a difference. Previous youth councillors have also received ASDAN qualifications, been given the Diana Award and used their time at SHYC for their DofE volunteering.

SHYC meet every week in Camberley to work on projects that we come up with based on the views of young people in Surrey Heath. Previously we hav…

End of Term Celebration

The Surrey Heath Youth Council had a great time today at Tenpin in Camberley for our end of term celebration. If you haven’t yet, have a look at our Education Information on apprenticeships, universities, CV writing and more!  We played two games of Sector 7 laser before eating and looking back over our achievements this year. The SHYC will start looking at the second item from our consultation ‘Safety at Night’ next term and we have already met with local PCSOs about street lighting.

Cooking Videos Extended Meeting

Today the SHYC held an extended meeting to work on compiling resources for our education project which can be found here on our website. Additionally, we worked on completing cooking tutorial videos which we will begin editing to be able to present in local schools and on our website. We hope that you like our new Education Resources and will keep an eye out for our videos in the future.

The term has now finished for SHYC and we will continue working on our first manifesto point ‘Preparing for Working Life’after the summer.

We are currently looking to recruit young people from Surrey Heath to ensure we have a wide representation. If you are interested see this page on our website.

As always, follow us on social media for the latest updates.

Safety at Night with Police Community Support Officers

Members of the Surrey Heath Youth Council had a great meeting today with Community Support Officers Fiona and Marita from Surrey Heath Police. We talked about Safety at Night in the local area- one of the top 5 issues in our recent consultation and part of our manifesto! Our discussions were really productive and it has helped us with new ideas of how to link in with the police and other organisations to improve the reach of our second manifesto item ‘Safety at Night’.

Surrey Youth Games and Councillor Rodney Bates

Today at the Youth Council meeting we talked to Craig Alford about the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games 2018. He spoke to us about recruiting new young ambassadors to promote the Youth Games events. We were also joined by Councillor Rodney Bates from the Old Dean. He dropped in to see how the Youth Council was operating.

Our Chairs read out our current emails and we looked at our actions for today's meeting, one of these was thinking about inviting the police to discuss safety at night. After this, the members of the Youth Council split into three groups for our current project Preparing For Working Life. These groups include Personal Wellbeing, Education and Skills for the Future.

Personal Wellbeing focused on promoting exercise to young individuals to help with their mental health, they also are working on easy ways to cope with stress and sexual health. Education worked on looking at apprenticeships and CV writing. Skills for the Future planned different videos to teach young peo…

Cream Tea with Councillors

We recently held a special cream tea event to inform all the Surrey County Councillors and Surrey Heath Borough Councillors what the Surrey Heath Youth Council does and how we represent all young people in Surrey Heath. This will help us to improve our links and enable us to better spread our message and take action on the issues we found in our survey.