Youth Ambassador of the Year Award

Isa Chaudrey a member of the Surrey Heath Youth Council aged 15 said:
Craig Alford attended the Surrey Heath Youth Council meeting to raise awareness of Surrey Youth games. I was interested in how Craig was expressing his opinion about fitness and the well being of individuals. In addition to this I decided to volunteer to promote the Surrey Youth Games in my school as I believed it would have a substantial affect on the lives of young people. I shared flyers with students in my school, I approached students at my school and told them about the Surrey Youth Games and encouraged them to join in and participate. I know one of my peers attended the boxing sessions as well.

Dylan Wright, who won the award was quoted saying “ I am very grateful at receiving this award, and I want to thank the Youth Council especially Alexandria who helped me spread the word of the wonderful youth games!” “At my school me and Alexandria held a presentation on the youth games at Collingwood College”

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